10 Benefits of Going Paleo

10 Benefits of Going Paleo

10 Benefits of Going Paleo

The paleo diet, a.k.a the “ Caveman Plan” as some like to call it,  is all about gravitating back toward the eating habits of our 200,000-year-old ancestors. That means turning away from processed foods, lazy late night fast food stops and turning onto eating only whole foods like wild vegetables, grass-fed meat, and in-season fruits.

Yes, I hear you saying “ Times have really changed since then” or “ Have you seen all the GMOs and unidentifiable preservatives in our veggies and fruits nowadays?” It doesn’t come as a surprise, that obesity and many other diseases have become a rising health problem in society. “Going Paleo” not only has great benefits with nutrient-rich meals, but it helps remove all the unhealthy processed foods that are continuously making us sick.

In the beginning weeks of “Going Paleo”, you may feel more energized than you had in the past, experience weight loss and many other great benefits that come with eating organic whole foods, grass-fed meat, and in-season fruits.

Fresh tomatoes and peppers

Here are 10 of the top benefits of the Paleo Diet:

1. Cleaner Eating, Cleaner You

The Paleo diet really focuses on taking all processed, genetically modified foods and replacing them with whole, organically grown foods. Many people can easily assume that clean eating means bland and flavorless food, when in actuality, eating more whole foods helps you crave all the processed foods. “Going Paleo” does not mean you have to say is not to say “ arrivederci” to all of those delicious sweets and tasty pastries, you will just have to indulge in healthy options like, dark chocolate or desserts that use natural sweeteners.

2. Reduction Of Inflammation

Damage to the inner lining of your digestive system can cause inflammation and make the inner lining of your digestive system quite sensitive. A Sensitive digestive system can equate to allergies, asthma, and much more.  Inflammation can be caused by dairy, gluten, sugar or alcohol, therefore, “going paleo” can reduce and even eliminate all of those digestive issues.

3. Healthy Mental Space

A large portion of your mental health and wellness is dependent upon your diet. Clean eating can make you feel energized, give you mental clarity and aid in keeping physically fit. The Paleo diet paired with good sleep, self-care, and exercise on a regular basis can help you maintain healthy positive mental space.

4. Say Goodbye To Bad Cravings

The Paleo diet makes protein and healthy fats the staple of most meals compared to the typical Modern day fast food diet, both of which can leave you feeling full. With the Paleo diet, you will feel satisfied, and won’t be left feeling low in energy and deprived of nutrients.

5. A Healthier Gut

Your gut is almost like your second brain when the trillions of microbes (gut flora) are out of sorts, you can feel disease, or downright sick. The Gut Flora aids in digestion, turning vital vitamins into nutrients, helps boost your immune system, and helps regulate your metabolism. Since the Paleo diet focuses on removing those gut irritating foods and promotes healthy foods that regulate your gut flora.

6. More Nutrients

By removing foods that slow down the absorption of vital nutrients like grains and legumes, you’ll replace them with whole, organic veggies, fruits, and seeds that are nutrient rich and help you more than harm you.

7. More Fit & Lean

One of the 2 main focuses of the Paleo diet is protein. Consuming a lot of animal protein helps to keep your muscles fueled throughout the day. When combined with exercises such as weightlifting, a protein-rich diet can help develop muscles and build muscles that are toned and lean.

8. No More Calorie Counting Needed

Time to say goodbye to counting calories and hello to eating organic whole foods to satisfy your hunger. The Paleo diet has no strict calorie counting structure, it just encourages the individual to create a paleo diet that fits your eating restrictions.

9. Fewer Toxins

The Paleo diet is all about detoxification. Detoxification promotes healing from within the body and aids in boosting your immune system. Taking out all processed foods can cut back on the body’s exposure to harmful pesticides and toxins. The more antioxidant-rich the fruits, spices, and vegetables the cleaner your body becomes.

10. More Energy

It’s time to think eggs and spinach, rather than donuts and pancakes. Many people in today’s society live to eat, aka Foodies.  The Paleo diet does require a mindset change to “eating to live”, rather than “living to eat”. Generally, eating healthy foods that can help boost and refuel your energy rather than going through a rollercoaster of high and low energy points.


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