What is Superfood

What is Superfood

What is Superfood

You don’t have to be a superhero to reap the benefits of superfoods. Superfoods are everywhere and you’re missing out if you aren’t including these in your diet. In general, a superfood is loaded with nutrients including essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which provide bonus health benefits and help prevent diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

We recommend including a few servings of these common superfoods into your balanced diet to make you feel better than ever.


Kale has become one of the most popular leafy, green vegetables in recent times. Kale is full of vitamins A, K and C, and pairs well with berries (also a superfood full of antioxidants) to make nutritious and tasty smoothies.

Wild-caught salmon

Salmon is a fatty fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce inflammation and increase brain and heart functions. It is recommended to eat salmon that is wild-caught twice per week.


This small purple berry comes from the rainforests of South America and has high levels of antioxidants called anthocyanins. Acai is often sold frozen because it is hard to find fresh acai locally. Acai bowls and smoothies have become all the rage for breakfast served with fruit, coconut, granola, and honey.

Chia seeds

These little seeds originally from Mexico are full of nutrients, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds have a nutty flavor and are instrumental in stabilizing blood sugar. They expand when wet so you don’t eat as much, making these a good option for losing weight. Adding these seeds to salads, oatmeal or yogurt or making chia seed pudding is a great way to add this superfood to your diet.

Sweet potatoes

Rich in vitamins A and C, fiber and potassium, it is the carotenoids (an antioxidant) that gives the sweet potato its color. This root vegetable is delicious and packed with rich nutrients. Try pan roasting sweet potato wedges with olive oil and salt to bring out the sweet flavor.


The creamy and heart-healthy avocado is packed with nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate. Avocados are rich in mono-unsaturated fats which is beneficial in reducing “bad” LDL cholesterol and increasing “good” HDL cholesterol.

These are just a few examples of superfoods loaded in nutrients that are tasty and good for you. Bon appétit!